Granular Recovery Extension (for VMware, Exchange, Sharepoint)

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Granular Recovery Extension (for VMware, Exchange, Sharepoint)

These Granular Recovery Extension licenses provide a user interface in their respective products to do small object restores.

For example, if you use this license with VMware, you will see an extra tab in the vSphere web client, which lets you restore individual files out from a VMware-level VMDK backup. There's no magic to it -- it simply automates the process of restoring the VMDK to a spooling area and then presents you with a dialog where you get to choose which files or folders to restore from. By the way you can backup to the spooling area directly if you have enough disk spooling licenses.

You don't need this license if you are backing up your VMware environment as if they were physical boxes (i.e. if you install agents into your virtual machines) because that's just a filesystem backup and restore (which is free).

If you use this license with MS-Exchange, there will be a component added to the Exchange console where your Exchange administrator can recover individual mailboxes or emails.

If you use this license with MS-Sharepoint, a component is added to Sharepoint Central that lets you restore various sharepoint components. Here's a blog post about what you can restore:




  • VMware: one license is required for each ESXi server under management, unless you have some clear division of use. (e.g. you have all your dev/test nodes on a pair of ESXi servers dedicated to that purpose, and you won't do granular recovery of dev/test systems -- then you wouldn't need to license them).
  • MS-Exchange: one license per storage node. You don't need to license pure front-ends.
  • MS-Sharepoint: one license for each node in the farm.

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