Data Protector standard licenses (cell manager and/or disk spooling licenses)

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

Data Protector standard licenses (cell manager and/or disk spooling licenses)

Buy this, and you can backup your computers locally or in the cloud. With this one purchase you can:

  • Backup as many computers as you like, in as many locations as you like.
  • Drive one tape drive either standalone or in a tape library with up to 60 slots.
  • Spool to disk for faster backups
  • Use deduplication to save space.
  • Create bootable CD-ROMs, USB and network boot images of your Windows and Linux systems so that you can do bare-metal disaster recovery.
  • Create ISO images that you can use to recover your Windows and Linux virtual machines.
  • Get rid of tape drives in remote sites, because you will be able to backup to local disk storage at the remote site, replicate it over very low bandwidth links to a central site and synthesise full backup tapes there.

This is a permanent license. If you maintain a support contract, you can upgrade to any newer version for free. If you stop paying for support, you will be licensed to use whatever version you ended up on forever.

The disk spooling space licensed is the deduplicated size, not the amount of data fed to it. In other words, if you want to keep dozens of full backups on disk (and who doesn't?) of your 5TB worth of data, you don't need to license 100TB of disk spool storage. 10TB would be plenty.

If you want to buy (say) 2TB worth or disk spool space, just buy another "Data Protector standard license" and choose "I already have a cell manager".

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